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Purple Martin Decoy
Purple Martin Decoy

Purple Martin Decoy

Purple Martin Decoy
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Like ducks and geese, Purple Martins like to live and socialize in groups. Attach one or more Decoys to houses or gourds to attract Martins. These decoys were adapted from an original Purple Martin carving by World Class bird carver Joe Zalid of Erie, PA

The Purple Martin hobby has experience an explosion in popularity the past 10 years, and continues to grow. Thousands of people attempt to attract these charming, gregarious  swallows to their backyards every year, but only a faction are successful in getting them to nest in their martin houses or gourd racks. Establishing a new colony site is often difficult, because Purple Martins are social or colonial nesters; they prefer the company of other martins and are reluctant to be the first to settle at a new site. Decoys are believed to increase the chances of attracting that first breeding pair of Purple Martins by helping to create the illusion of genuine colony-site activity, giving them the confidence to stay and nest. Decoys are thought to be especially effective when used in combination with Martin vocalization tapes. These decoys will be eagerly sought by martin enthusiasts wishing to do everything possible to enhance their chances of establishing a colony of Purple Martins.

Product specifications: -Highly detailed, life-size (7 inches); approx. 35-40 grams (1.5 oz.); Molded HDPE plastic; comes in reclosable, clear plastic bag with instruction/tips sheet

These decoys also make great  gifts and decorations!

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