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Mason Bee Lodge
Mason Bee Lodge

Mason Bee Lodge

Mason Bee Lodge
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Attract Mason Bees to your garden. Small, blue-black Mason bees are nature's mild mannered, peaceful pollinators that bring bountiful harvest to gardens and orchards.
We Need The Bees!
In the last few years, the honeybee population has plummeted from an onslaught of foreign mites and viruses. The Orchard Mason Bee population has not been affected and is the planet's most effective pollinator.
And The Bees Need Us!
Mason Bees are unable to tunnel holes for their nests - they rely on existing holes of the right size and since they don't have a queen to protect, they rarely sting. By providing nesting sites, we can help these bees fulfill their life's mission, while they provide us with better quality gardens and crops. Their only mission is to pollinate and reproduce. As your population increases, add more lodges and watch your gardens bloom! Handcrafted from durable, recycled redwood.
Dimensions: 11" X 5" X 5"

Now Shipping To Canada

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