Tips On How to Protect Your Bird Feeders In Your Backyard From Squirrels!
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Squirrel Proof Your Yard

Squirrel Proof Your Yard

Get any group of bird-feeding individuals together and squirrel stories will soon come up! If you want to keep squirrels from your feeder, most will agree-  Good Luck and God Bless!  However, through a little attention to feeder placement and the proper use of "baffles", you can minimize squirrel usage and enjoy the type of feeder you want.

Check out the squirrel facts below and you'll, see why protecting your feeder from raiding squirrels is such a challenging task.

All feeders must be a least eight feet from any horizontal jumping-off stop, as many squirrels can jump that far. The bottom of your feeder should be at least 4 1/2 feet off the ground. If using a 4X4 post or iron hook, you should place a baffle immediately below the feeder. Whatever tactics you employ, we are confident if you utilize the products and methods we describe, you can protect your feeder from squirrels and allow the birds you love to feed in your backyard.

Enjoy and good luck!!

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