Tips On Enjoying Squirrels In Your Backyard!
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Tips On Enjoying Squirrels In Your Backyard!

There are over 365 species of squirrels in seven families.  They include the tree squirrel, ground squirrel, and the flying squirrel, plus many squirrel-like mammals such as the gopher, ground hog, and prairie dog. It is the largest group of living mammals on Earth.

Across the United States, the squirrels that most often frequent backyards include: gray, brown, fox and red squirrels.

An adult squirrel normally lives alone. But will, in severe cold, share its nest with other squirrels to conserve body heat. Once the temperature rises, the guests will be on their way.

In the summer, squirrels are most active two to three hours after sunrise, and then they rest in the afternoon, resuming activity again two hours before sunset. A squirrel will retire to its nest well before dark and rarely leave the nest in the dark. In the winter, a squirrel will complete activities between dawn and midday, and remain around the nest until the next day.

Squirrels are the most active in late winter when mating season begins. Males will chase females and chase off other suitors. This ritual of chasing occurs through the trees at top speed, while performing some of the most breathtaking acrobatics imaginable. Providing feeders for squirrels allows you to witness these acrobatics in your backyard-Enjoy the show!!

  • Squirrels have litters of 3-4
  • Squirrels can eat their weight in seed during one week.
  • A squirrel's front teeth grows 6 inches per year and wear down by eating and gnawing.
  • Squirrels can jump up to 6 feet and straight across at least 8 feet.
  • Squirrels can run as fast as 20 mph.
  • By peak activity time for squirrels during mild weather is the first two hours after sunrise, and in winter, around noon.

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