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Squirrel Feeders, Houses & Food
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2.5 lb Bushy Tail Cake2.5 lb Bushy Tail CakePlace in your backyard to feed the squirrels all year round
32 oz. Nut & Sweet Corn Squirrel Log32 oz. Nut & Sweet Corn Squirrel LogNut n' Sweet Corn Squirrelogs have added peanuts and pecans to attract squirrels
32 oz. Sweet Corn Squirrel Log32 oz. Sweet Corn Squirrel LogSweet Corn Squirrelogs replace 12-24 ears of corn for feeding squirrels
Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder (green)Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder (green)The unique and fun Adirondack Squirrel Chair Feeder
Bushy Tail CobBushy Tail CobPlace in your backyard to feed the squirrels all year round
Bushy Tail Feeder for 16 oz CobBushy Tail Feeder for 16 oz CobExcellent for Bushy Tail Cob
Bushy Tail Feeder for 2.5lb. CakeBushy Tail Feeder for 2.5lb. CakeExcellent for Bushy Tail Cake
Chain Corn FeederChain Corn FeederScrew the hook into a ear of corn.
Chair and Table FeederChair and Table FeederThe Ultimate in Squirrel Dining. The original design on which squirrels can actually sit on the chair and eat the corn off the table.
Chuck-A-Nut Feeder & 1# FeedChuck-A-Nut Feeder & 1# FeedThis hand made feeder is also made with a very rustic cedar and with no chemical finishes.
Chuck-A-Nut Squirrel CondoChuck-A-Nut Squirrel CondoThe Chuckanut Squirrel Condo is the perfect.
Cobs-A-Twirl-Hunter GreenCobs-A-Twirl-Hunter GreenCobs-A-Twirl Squirrel Feeder
Duet DinnerDuet DinnerOur unique sheltered, double capacity feeder protects them.
Ear Corn HolderEar Corn HolderEar Corn Holder
Flying TrapezeFlying TrapezeWatch Squirrels acrobatic antics as they fly through the air with the greatest ease.
Munch N'ViewMunch N'ViewMunch N'View protects peanuts from the elements and marauding jays.
Peanut SiloPeanut SiloWhen filled with shelled peanuts, mixed nuts, or sunflowerkernels, the Aspects Peanut Silo is irresistible to the most entertaining group of birds.
Picnic Bench Corn FeederPicnic Bench Corn FeederPicnic Table Ear Corn Feeder. Squirrel feeders are fun, cute, and entertaining!
Porch Swing Squirrel FeederPorch Swing Squirrel FeederThe Porch Swing Squirrel Feeder is an entertaining feeder for squirrel
See Saw Teter FeederSee Saw Teter FeederGives hours of pleasure to the young at heart squirrels in your yard.
Spin-A-CobSpin-A-CobHave fun watching squirrels try and get the four ears of spinning corn.
Squirrel A WhirlSquirrel A WhirlSquirrels' weight causes the feeder to rotate.
Squirrel Diner™ 2 Metal Squirrel FeedersSquirrel Diner™ 2 Metal Squirrel FeedersHolds peanuts, corn and large seed - perfect for squirrels!
Squirrel Feeder Hunter DriftwoodSquirrel Feeder Hunter DriftwoodRecycled Plastic Squirrel Feeder Hunter Driftwood
Squirrel Go Round - MedallionSquirrel Go Round - MedallionSquirrel Go Round - Medallion
Squirrel Jar FeederSquirrel Jar FeederSquirrel Jar Feeder protects peanuts from the elements and marauding jays.
Squirrel Munch BoxSquirrel Munch BoxSquirrel Munch Box. Capacity 1.75 lbs.
Squirrel SpinnerSquirrel SpinnerSquirrel's weight causes the spinner to rotate, swing, & spin.
Squirrel ThroneSquirrel ThroneHolds Corn Cob Tight !
Squirrels Only FeederSquirrels Only FeederSquirrels soon learn to open and close the lid in order to get to the peanuts and other treats inside.
Stokes Select Tractor Cob FeederStokes Select Tractor Cob FeederThis is a fun new feeder to watch squirrels entertain you!!
Sweet Corn Squirrel Log w/hangerSweet Corn Squirrel Log w/hangerSweet Corn Squirrelog w/Hanger offers a ready to use feeder for your squirrel feeding
Teeter Totter Corn FeederTeeter Totter Corn FeederSquirrel Feeder. Squirrel feeders are fun, cute, and entertaining! Hanging cable included and screws for attaching corn.

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